Fight Test (words)

  1. The Long and Short of It - Quickly, Quickly

    23 Aug 2021

    Quickly, Quickly - 20 year-old Graham Jonson - always had an edge over his lo-fi beat maker contemporaries. With nods to Madlib and J Dilla in his beats, and luscious Kenny Barron-esque chord voicings, his 2017 Quickly Quickly, Vol.1  release remains one of the finest instrumental albums of the 2010s…

  2. Pinegrove and the art of the live album

    21 Aug 2021

    Pinegrove are a band whose songs deserve to be heard live. Their 2015 Audiotree session is testament to this, with Pitchfork describing the live album as ‘legendary.’ Between this session and their latest live album Amperland, NY, the New Jersey based band led by Evan Stephens Hall have released…

  3. Round up - Illuminati Hotties, Parcels, Valeras

    03 Aug 2021

    ‘Comingback’ - Parcels Read a review of any of Parcels’ tracks or of their self-titled debut and the words ‘funky,’ ‘luscious,’ and ‘groove’ will probably feature in all of them. The Australian, Berlin-based quintet risked lulling into a cyclical sound with their return single ‘Free’ which, whilst featuring less synths…

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