Fight Test (words)

  1. Round up - Sylvie Kreusch, Peggy Gou

    10 Jul 2021

    ‘Let It All Burn’ - Sylvie Kreusch Belgian musician Sylvie Kreusch’s latest single ‘Let It All Burn’ is a tense, exciting and instinctive piece of alternative pop. Kreusch’s atmospheric vocals, an essential ingredient heard across her two previous EPS, are this time accompanied with a more driving, guitar-based sound and…

  2. Round up - Matt Maltese, Baby Dave, Porij

    02 Jul 2021

    ‘Shoe’ - Matt Maltese  Over two albums and a few EPs, Matt Maltese has essentially nailed the heart-on-sleeve love song formula. For those who like to use statistics to measure the success of a musician, Matt Maltese’s numbers are immense. With over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over…

  3. Round up - Quickly,Quickly, Rostam, Clairo

    30 Jun 2021

    ‘Everything Is Different (To Me)’ – Quickly, Quickly Quickly, Quickly - 20 year-old Graham Jonson - always had an edge over his lo-fi beat maker contemporaries. With nods to Madlib and J Dilla in his beats, and luscious Kenny Barron-esque chord voicings, his 2017 Quickly Quickly, Vol.1 release remains one…

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