Round up - Illuminati Hotties, Parcels, Valeras

‘Comingback’ - Parcels

Read a review of any of Parcels’ tracks or of their self-titled debut and the words ‘funky,’ ‘luscious,’ and ‘groove’ will probably feature in all of them. The Australian, Berlin-based quintet risked lulling into a cyclical sound with their return single ‘Free’ which, whilst featuring less synths and more strings than the sounds of their debut, showed a slight lack of progression. 

Thankfully, ‘Comingback’ puts this problem to bed. Rooted by a rapid drum and bass breakbeat style rhythm, bassist Noah Hill takes on lead vocals, singing about the isolation of touring life and the hopeful message of perseverance through difficult times. Renowned Canadian composer Owen Pallett offers a wonderful orchestration, matching strings with congas for a brilliant crescendo before the final few rounds of the soaring chorus. Of course, ‘funky,’ ‘luscious,’ and ‘groove’ can all be applied to ‘Comingback,’ but here Parcels up the tempo and present themselves heading in a refreshing direction. 

‘Comingback’ is out now via Because Music.

‘U V V P’ - Illuminati Hotties

Producer and writer Sarah Tudzin has released new single ‘U V V P,’ from her upcoming Illuminati Hotties album.

 ‘U V V P’ sounds like a more summer fuelled version of ‘(One of Those) Crazy Girls’ by Paramore mixed with the better known track ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ by The Beach Boys. It all sounds incredibly familiar. It becomes difficult to see where Buck Meek comes in, and right when you expect the Big Thief guitarist to interject with another outstandingly crafted guitar solo, he begins a soliloquy of sorts, asking his lover for forgiveness. In his strong Texan accent, he admits ‘there ain’t nothing I’d like more than to take you dancing.’ It’s an interesting twist which the song was crying out for. 

‘U V V P’ is out now via Snack Shack Tracks. 

‘The Other Side’ - VALERAS

Now a two piece, Reading based VALERAS continue their bass driven sound, this time with added synth leads, manufacturing a more alt-pop sound than their previous work. VALERAS have yet to hit the heights they probably deserve, given their plaudits and relentless touring pre-pandemic. Formally a 5-piece, bassist and vocalist Rose Yagmur and drummer Max Sealy have teamed up once again with producer Tarek Musa (Spring King, Dead Nature) for their latest single ‘The Other Side’ as well the preceding single ‘Rita.’ 

 Whilst still heavily driven by electric guitar and bass, there is a distinct progression in these two tracks from previous big hitters such as ‘Intentions’ and ‘Playing With A Gun.’ VALERAS continue to go from strength to strength, honing their seemingly endless ability to create energetic and cutting tracks.  

‘The Other Side’ is out now via The Liquid Label.

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